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On The Radar: Three From Above

Liverpool trio Three From Above, are the latest to feature On the Radar with their new single ‘Hail Caesar!’ released last week.

Three From Above
Three From Above released their new single ‘Hail Caesar?’ last week.

We first caught Three From Above back in February during Independent Venue Week, when they supported Bribes at EBGBS. They turned heads on the night, as “each member showcased their talents with captivating guitar solos and hypnotic drum beats.

Three From Above mid-set during Independent Venue Week. Photo courtesy Marta Silva
Three From Above mid-set during Independent Venue Week. Photo courtesy Marta Silva.

The band have already toured alongside some of the UK’s most exciting new bands including Welsh outfit Trampolene on the back of their debut album Swansea To Hornsey, Strange Bones and Otherkin.

In the early months of the year, the band locked themselves away in the studio recording new material including their new single, ‘Hail Caesar!’, which was released last week.

Artwork for ‘Hail Caesar!’ By Three From Above.
‘Hail Caesar!’ by Three From Above is out now.

The song is an emphatic statement with sharp hooks, ground shaking bass and stinging cymbals. A song about feeling a surging power and control over others, something that appears to be more relevant in today’s society than ever before. The track is a whirlwind as frontman Tom Collins spits out with an intensity how power can overcome a person and the affects it has on those under their thumb.

With a fiery drumroll opening the song, it demands your attention straight away. Throughout the melody is a whirlwind with searing guitars and a rapid beat that barely gives you a chance to keep up as it speeds to its end with a crashing halt. It’s an out right thrilling rock track and shows why Three From Above are one of this year’s most exciting bands to watch on Merseyside this year.

Listen to Three From Above’s latest single ’Hail Caesar!’ below.

You can catch Three From Above live at 81 Renshaw Street on May 4th, when they support Wood Burning Savages.

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