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Review: Fickle Friends – You Are Someone Else

Brighton band Fickle Friends, finally released their debut album You Are Someone Else. Here’s what we make of their first effort.

Fickle Friends debut album You Are Someone Else is out March 16th via Polydor Records.
Fickle Friends debut album You Are Someone Else is out now via Polydor Records.

Fickle Friends first album sees the Brighton band really lay themselves bare with a sun-soaked, fun and intimate debut. Filled with thumping beats and catchy melodies, it’s an album made to enlighten any mood.

Opening with the latest single to be released, ‘Wake Me Up’ it sets the tone for the album immediately. Front-woman Natassja Shiner’s voice is stunning as she sings of being taken over by a blossoming romance. Littered with synths and a beat that makes you want to dance along to, it yearns to be a summer anthem with its warm feeling it generates.

Even on the more intimate or sadder songs like ‘Heartbroken’ and ‘Paris’, there’s still a dominant uplifting atmosphere across the record. Fickle Friends mask the moments of sadness with fun melodies and sharp riffs, in an almost 80s style of pop.

Shiner’s way of opening up with her insecurities of fitting in is direct on ‘Hard To Be Myself’. As she tries to find an image she’s content with, it’s something most young adults can relate to; “I’m the life of the party, I read between the lines and overthink, what’s the difference when I drink?…”.

Throughout, the band use their songs for self-empowerment like on ‘Useless’ or going during insecure moments when feeling alone or unsure like on ‘Paris’. You Are Someone Else goes through all the emotions of growing up and that’s what will make this such an accessible record for a lot of people.

Overall it’s a record packed with tales of romances gained and lost backed by music that demands you get up and enjoy it in all its glory. Fickle Friends can stand tall with an album that deserves to be on anyone’s summer playlist this year.

Verdict: 8/10

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Wake Me Up’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Useless

You Are Someone Else, the debut album by Fickle Friends is out now.

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