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Review: Ferris & Sylvester – Made In Streatham EP

Part of BBC’s ‘Best of 2017’ list, Ferris & Sylvester are back with their second EP, Made In Streatham.

Made In Streatham EP by Ferris & Sylvester, out now.
Made In Streatham EP by Ferris & Sylvester, out now.

The follow up to last year’s The Yellow Line EP, is another uplifting addition to the folk-rock duo’s discography. Opening with ‘Better In Yellow’, a song filled with warming guitars and a groovy bass, it’s soulful feel is a delightful start to the EP.

Made In Streatham is a rollercoaster of emotions. The way they draw you in and make you emotionally invest in their songs is a testimony to their songwriting skills. With heart-warming moments like ‘Better In Yellow’ and then able to expose their insecurities on ‘Sometimes’, they make you feel all the emotions throughout the EP.

Lines like “When her loves is so deep but the water’s so dark, she used to swim in the shallows but now she swims with the sharks…” the band know how to grab your attention. The dark theme of ‘Loser’ immediately takes hold and as the ballad progresses you feel like there may be hope for the protagonist but sadly the song reaches its end before we get to find out.

After such a heavy song, spirits are lifted with the infectious ‘London Blue’s’. The closing track’s quick tempo will have you dancing around and humming along to. With a hint of bluegrass thrown into the equation, ‘London Blue’s’ is a fun way to bring an end to the Made In Streatham EP.

With a collection of riveting songs, it’s not a surprise that Ferris & Sylvester find themselves on BBC’s lists of ones to watch. Released via Archtop Records, Made In Streatham EP by Ferris & Sylvester is out now.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Better In Yellow’ and ‘London Blue’s

Verdict: 7/10

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