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On The Radar: Dead Houses

Dead Houses are the latest addition to feature On The Radar but to be honest, they were hard to miss.

Making noises that were unmissable, Dead Houses are the latest to show up On The Radar.
Making noises that were unmissable, Dead Houses are the latest to show up On The Radar.

Liverpool natives, Dead Houses recently dropped their latest single, premiering two hard-hitting tracks. The Like To Know/Greys EP was released on January 27th under the Society of Losers label.

Dead Houses are the latest addition to the Merseyside based record label, Society of Losers.

The double single from Dead Houses is seven and a half minutes of intense and aggressive rock. Opening with ‘Like To Know’, it’s intro rumbles like a volcano quickly blowing up with an almost nostalgic sound of echoing and screeching guitars. Frontman, Joseph’s vocals have a harrowing combination of a fiery passion and yet are still haunting, almost like an angrier Ian Curtis… Which says a lot.

Even the lyrics in the whirlwind opening track are reminiscent of Joy Division’s frontman; “Every night I sit at home with my wife… every night I contemplate this life…” The difference is that the song is pulsating with an aggressive melody and is a lot heavier.

The second track, ‘Greys’ has a slower start than its predecessor but it still has underlying tones of angst that smothered the opening track. Its slow start is ripped away with an enormous sounding chorus, with ground-shaking bass and soaring riffs. Singing about self-doubt and trust issues, the lyrics match the intensity of the closing track.

The new double single is available to download and stream now. Listen to Like To Know/Greys EP below and let us know what you think.

Dead Houses recently celebrated the release of their new release with a sold-out show at Drop the Dumbells. The band were supported by Crapsons, who recently featured On The Radar.

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