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X Ambassadors break the mould in the video for ‘Ahead of Myself’

X Ambassadors are back with their latest offering, with uplifting track ‘Ahead of Myself’.

X Ambassadors reveal impressive video for ‘Ahead of Myself’.
X Ambassadors reveal impressive video for ‘Ahead of Myself’.

The trio have already achieved gold-certified status with their debut album VHS and continue to show why with the release of ‘Ahead of Myself’. The new single sees lead singer Sam Harris, walking through the streets of Rochester, New York passionately giving a rendition of the song.

However, there’s a unique twist with the video that once realised, makes Harris’s singing abilities all the more impressive. Most, if not all videos that a band feature in are miming, that’s no secret. On this occasion, going against the grain, Harris had his vocals recorded live for the video of ‘Ahead of Myself’.

Speaking about the decision to live record his vocals during the video, Harris said; “With the ‘Ahead Of Myself’ video, we wanted to take something that everyone takes for granted in music videos and turn that on its head. Instead of lip-synching along to the words, the vocals would be recorded live, in the moment. We hoped to create something vulnerable and imperfect with this video, because that’s what the song is all about – embracing your fears and still diving in head-first.

The song’s message of not holding back is accompanied by a warming acoustic guitar throughout, bringing back summer vibes. The video is rapidly approaching the one million mark on YouTube, already clocking over 700,000 hits since its release. Check out the video for ‘Ahead of Myself’ by X Ambassadors below.

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