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Ferris & Sylvester unveil video for harrowing ‘Save Yourself’

The London folk duo, Ferris & Sylvester yesterday unveiled the video for latest single, ‘Save Yourself‘.

Ferris & Sylvester - 'Save Yourself'
Ferris & Sylvester have unveiled their first ever video, ‘Save Yourself’.

Ferris & Sylvester have released a video for their latest offering, ‘Save Yourself‘, which is a harrowing duet from the London based group about a love coming to an end.

With a folk sound likened to early Mumford & Sons, ‘Save Yourself‘ is a heart-wrenching track that sees Ferris & Sylvester sing about how a love needs to come to an end, despite remembering and dwelling on all the good moments, it’s time to let go, devastatingly put across on the chorus; “break my heart, before I break yours“.

The video sees the two of them playing in a park while cutting to montages of Ferris & Sylvester gleefully adventuring around a beach and on the road, as the song plays on with gentle guitars and beautiful harmonising.

Save Yourself‘ is the first video to be released from the duo since forming just over a year ago, which was helped made come to life by Ben Radcliffe. The song was also produced by legendary producer, Youth, who has worked with the likes of The Verve, Paul McCartney and Crowded House in the past.

Save Yourself‘ is available to download and stream now and you can also watch the video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC_a2EAXKSc&w=560&h=320]

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