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The Smiths’ Mike Joyce left pinching himself at Last Shadow Puppets Gig

So when we say Mike Joyce was left pinching himself during a recent Last Shadow Puppets gigs, sure, Alex and Miles are that good but this time that wasn’t the reason…

During their set in Manchester on Sunday, Turner and Kane invited local hero, Johnny Marr on stage to perform a rendition of ‘Last Night I Dreamt…‘.

While that was happening, former Smiths drummer, Mike Joyce was in the crowd, taking it all in, enjoying what was definitely a highlight of the show at the Castlefield Bowl. During the off-the-cuff collaboration, Joyce was approached by another crowd member and at this point, it’s best if we let the drummer tell you himself what went down.

So I’m at The Last Shadow Puppets gig tonight and Johnny Marr walks on and they play, ‘Last Night I Dreamt…’,” Joyce posted on Facebook. “The guy next to me says, “Seen the guy on the right with black hair? That’s Johnny Marr, the guitarist from The Smiths and this is a Smiths song they’re playing”. I didn’t say owt, I just couldn’t.

Imagine… just imagine saying that to not just someone as iconic as a band member of The Smiths, but to any band member who’d be in Joyce’s position.

One question on our minds at JACKS is, just how much did this guy in the crowd look like Johnny Marr? Can this fan step forward and let us see how this mix up came about?

Let’s laugh now but once the giggles are gone, watch below the stunning moment when The Last Shadow Puppets and Johnny Marr joined forces and performed a classic Smiths track, ‘Last Night I Dreamt…

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z44q4z1x2g8]

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