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Arcade Fire give new album update

Arcade Fire enlightened us back in 2013 with one of the albums of the year when releasing ‘Reflektor’. It seems that the wait isn’t too far away now before the Canadians make their return.

Taking part in a recent Reddit AMA, Win Butler said that fans can expect to hear new material by spring time next year.

The frontman when asked the “obligatory question” of when a new album can be expected from the band, which Butler responded to by saying that “Probably next spring? No definite schedule though. It’ll be done when it’s done.”

In a AMA session, varying from favourite synthesizers, to what Bowie was like, to thoughts on Radiohead’s new album. It was, as always an interesting session when someone takes the time out to indulge Redditors in an AMA.

Arcade Fire are appearing at a few festivals across the globe this year, including New York’s Panorama festival in July, a festival we tipped as one of the best abroad this year to pay a visit to.

The band have been working on the fifth album but in between have worked on seperate projects, filling the time between ‘Reflektor’ and the next instalment for the stunning discography. Win Butler put out his debut solo record, ‘Policy’ last year and then followed it up with a live album, ‘Friday Night’, which only came out on Friday (June 17th).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awHWColYQ90]

So even though spring is so far away right now, at least theres’s live album to keep us occupied and a handful of live dates to fill the void between now and when the next album will hopefully be dropping.

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