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Chvrches unveil new song ‘Warning Call’ for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Chvrches have been busy touring around the globe since the release of their second album in September, Every Eye Open but the trio revealed a new song, ‘Warning Call‘ for video game, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The band unveiled the track yesterday as part of the soundtrack, with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst set to be released on June 7th on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A game that was a success when first released back in 2008 on the older platforms.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set for release on June 7th

Band member, Iain Cook said “We were honoured to be asked to contribute to the soundtrack for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” in a press release. He found comparisons with the groups’ music and the world of Mirror’s Edge, stating “The sound of Chvrches’ music resonates with the minimalist sci-fi dystopia of the Mirror’s Edge world, and we feel that the song complements the drama, emotion and empowering themes of Faith’s story.” Faith being the lead character in the game.

The song is unmistakably Chvrches, filled with synths and hooks, also the fact that frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are so instantly recognisable too. If you’re familiar with the game, then listening to ‘Warning Call‘, you’ll envision the gameplay through the lyrics, with lines like “you can run for the skyline, your eyes open wide…” with the uptempo beat, you can already see yourself running from rooftop to rooftop in the futuristic world as protagonist, Faith.

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSRheLrB1uA]

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year and for those waiting for June 7th to hurry up, the theme from Chvrches should help pass the time for the remaining few weeks before the game is out.

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